Latest News!

We have recently moved our Day Program and Office location. Our day program is now located at 113. J Street Laporte, IN 46350. Our new administrative office is located in the same office complex at 105 J. Street Laporte, IN 46350.

Medicaid Waiver Referrals! 

Simply give us a call. You will always reach someone on the other end who knows the answers and is passionate about serving people in need. Our number one goal is always to improve the lives of our clients and their loved ones. You may also contact us by email at info@zeilbeckgroup.com

More Questions?

You are more than welcome to call and schedule a meeting with our intake team to discuss the details of our services. Our CEO has been in the field for over 15 years and is very familiar with the perks and pitfalls of Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance.

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Specialty Counseling is a series of branches of psychological counseling that can help individuals with their problems in work, school or any other environment.The Zeilbeck Group LLC.

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