Respite/ PAC Services

Respite services are utilized to temporarily give relief to the family member, guardian, or persons whom normally provide care to the participant. Respite services are designed to be flexible and used as the family/caregiver sees fit. Our company provides respite services both in the home and in the community. The Zeilbeck Group respite services are centered around the needs of the family and the participant. During respite care, staff can assist the participant in daily living skills, socialization, communication, etc. Respite can also be used for leisure and recreational activities. You might also use respite if you want to go to church, do things with your other children, or just go out with your spouse or a friend, knowing that your disabled child is being cared for by a capable person.

Participant Assistance and Care (PAC) services are provided to enable and support the participant in daily living skills activities, health, safety, and positive welfare. A few examples of PAC activities include, but are not limited to, assisting in household chores, attending medical appointments,  running personal errands, and participating in community activities. PAC services are very similar to Respite except that PAC services are more goal oriented. Direct Care staff will work with the participant on the goals listed in their ISP.