Community Habilitation

The Zeilbeck Group Community Habilitation program is designed to meet several critical needs for our clients. In order to become as independent as possible, those we serve often need to start from scratch and learn the basics of interacting in the community. Community Habilitation Services are provided outside of the participant’s home. Direct care staff can assist in community safety, socialization, appropriate social skills and behavior, and basic daily living skills. During Community Integration, individuals can participate in leisure activities, educational activities, personal hobbies, volunteer opportunities, etc. Direct care staff are required to conduct treatment based activity schedules where they can work on goals outlined in the individuals ISP.

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The Zeilbeck Group has put a great deal of thought and research into providing community based services that are both entertaining and provide the most possible growth for the individual. In some cases, the individuals that we serve are nervous about interacting in the community and will require very careful steps to work their way up to advanced activities and interactions. In some cases, the individual must first learn how to say hello and other standard greetings. At other times, the people we serve may do the opposite; we serve several clients that are so affectionate that they may approach strangers for a hug.


On the other side of the spectrum some individuals have outstanding social skills but have simply fallen through the cracks when it comes to learning how make their way in the community. Often an individual in this sort of situation simply needs to be taught how to use the bank, laundry-mat, or public transportation. During an evaluation period, The Zeilbeck Group will work with the individuals receiving services and their team to generate goals that perfectly fit the dreams and aspirations of those that we serve.

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In addition to teaching social skills and basic community navigation we also offer many opportunities for volunteer work. In partnership with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, The IU Medical Center and the local Parks and Recreation departments we provide an almost endless list of community based activities. If you have any questions about our Community Habilitation Program please feel free to contact us by phone or email.